Facebook Updates Changes to Ads Relevance Metrics

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Facebook ad reporting will be having three new metrics in place of a single relevance score.

The company will also make changes in how it calculates the potential reach of ads.

Last of all, some under-utilized metrics will be removed from Facebook’s ad reporting.

Three new ways of reporting relevance
The ad relevance score of Facebook calculates the effectiveness of an ad about reaching its targeted audience.

Earlier the score was measured as a single metric. Over the months, there will be three new metrics-

Quality ranking
Engagement rate ranking
Conversion rate ranking
Above three metrics will be introduced over the coming weeks whereas the earlier edition of relevance metric will be removed on April 30.

Changes to the ‘Potential Reach’ Metric
Facebook is bringing changes to the way it has been estimating potential reach.

While calculating how many people would see an ad, the company will include only those people who were shown an ad in the last 30 days.

Earlier, the estimation used to be done on the number of overall monthly active users on the network.

This change would be made in response to marketers looking for estimates that are more resonating with actual results.

Removal of under-utilized metrics
Facebook is going to remove the following ad metrics-

Offers Saved
Cost Per Offer Saved
Relevance Score
Messaging Replies
Cost per Messaging Reply
Mobile App Purchase ROAS
Web Purchase ROAS

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